The high performance organization

Inquiry into creating a 'performance driven culture'

You are to create a performance driven organization. What are some of the ways you will go about doing this?

Questions to be addressed:
  1. Does pay-for-performance always create a performance driven culture?
  2. What is 'high performance'? How do you define it for each level in the organization?
  3. How do you ensure high performance is indeed rewarded? How do you make the employee feel rewarded?
  4. How do you ensure the organization does not fall into the 'may all good people benefit 'trap where variable pay, rewards are doled out for sympathy?
  5. Will you also punish 'low performance 'or just not reward it?
  6. What ways will you reward high performance?
  7. Will you commit to a monetary reward or tie it to 'external factors'?
  8. How do you ensure measuring 'true performance' doesn't become an overhead in itself?
  9. How do you encourage innovation? Innovation entails failing fast. How do you ensure these failures are not treated as lack of 'performance'?
  10. If you promote for good performance, how do you ensure people are ready for the next level (and not just really good at the current level)?

Thoughts? Any good reads?

Published: 15 May 2016.


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