User centric design for cars in Bengaluru

"Pursue Perfection" - Nissan entices me.

Oh really? And do what with that beacon of perfection? Stand at a traffic light and slowly move forward, like gunk in a gutter, stopping every few seconds when the light turns red again or a water tanker tries to take a U-turn from the wrong side of the road?

If car designers followed even just the basic tenets of user centric design, we would have a radically different machine to ride to work in. Rather than focusing on horsepower, 'muscular looks' and stupid 'perfection', we would have something that :

1. Never takes a dent
2. Turns a perfect right angle
3. Tilts into a parking space big enough for a bike
4. Has smart filters to identify and block out incessant, meaningless honking, as against the honking that says, "BRAKE FAILURE! Bus behind you is going to ram into you now. HOLD ON!"

When you get there, talk about 'innovation that excites'.

Thoughts or good reads on this topic?

Published: 10 Dec 2016.


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